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Kandace Eaton-Hollibaugh

Kandace Eaton-Hollibaugh
Associate Broker/ REALTOR
K & Company

What do you enjoy most about your line of work?
“I love getting to know my customers and building that relationship. Seeing them excited over finding their dream home, or by making their selling process an enjoyable experience! Every deal comes with new challenges and learning experiences, which is another reason I love what I do!”

What is your favorite part about working with Future Real Estate?
“Future Real Estate has provided us with so much training and tools to help us thrive in our careers. They are all about unity and working as a team. I have so much confidence knowing I can call anyone at any time, about questions that I may not know the answer to. It's so nice working for a company that 100% has our best interest at heart.”

What are some of your personal attributes that you feel make you a good REALTOR?
“I feel my strongest attributes as a Realtor are showing up and caring! I want my clients to know that I will always communicate with them, giving constant updates, getting them the answers they are looking for, and always being on their side! I don't want to just make a deal, I want it to be the right deal, that works for my customer!”

How do you build relationships with your customers?
“I build relationships with my customers, by being relatable and personable. I don't want them to ever feel like they can't come to me about the process or any questions they have along the way. I want to earn their trust through my actions, and that they are walking away getting the best service!”

Some fun facts about me:
“I've been married to my husband for almost ten years, with two amazing little boys. My husband and I get to work together in our Real Estate Investing company that we have had for the last few years. We have the best of both worlds, where we get to take our family to work with us every day! When we aren't working, we love to travel and spend time in the mountains!”