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Dena Harrington

Dena Harrington
Buyer Specialist/ REALTOR
Marianne's Team

What do you enjoy most about your line of work?
"What I love about this line of work is meeting people from all walks of life! Living in a small town doesn't always provide for many opportunities to meet new people. In this line of work, I get to meet people within my community looking for a home, people from out of state moving into the area, and military personnel that are getting stationed here."

What is your favorite part about working with Future Real Estate?
"My favorite part about working for Future is the time and energy our team leaders put into manifesting a business that truly plans and prepares for a successful "Future", not only for our team members but also for our clients. Our agency as a whole works as a very forward thinking team, keeping in mind how Real Estate may affect our clients, not only currently but in upcoming weeks, months, and years"

What are some of your personal attributes that you feel make you a great REALTOR?
"I believe the personal attributes that make me a good Realtor is honesty, my out-going personality, and my commitment to clear and concise communication. I truly believe, especially in working with people that may live out of state, out of town, or who have never bought a home before, it's important to be transparent about the process from start to finish. Understanding that some Buyers may never actually see a property in person before they buy, reminds me that not only am I responsible for relaying verbal information about properties of interest, but I also have to serve as their eyes."

How do you build relationships with your customers?
"In any solid relationship, whether personal or business, communication and relatability is key! I believe it's important to learn what is valuable to my customers, ask questions, and attempt to consider their personal lives and interests when finding them just the right home. As a mom and a life long resident to New Mexico, I think it is imperative to find common ground with my customers when possible as well. "

Some fun facts about me:
"I've never lived outside of New Mexico, I am a former educator of 15 years (including 7 years of teaching Braille), I am a certified Nutritionist and avid gym-goer! If I'm not working, or at the gym, you can find me on the sidelines of a soccer field cheering for my son."