Justin Munoz

Justin Munoz
Qualifying Broker/ Owner
Alamogordo Cloudcroft Ruidoso

What do you enjoy most about your line of work?
"Everything! I love all the amazing people I get work with everyday"

What is your favorite part about working with Future Real Estate?
"We are always pushing things to the next level with innovative ways of increasing business and taking care of our clients. I appreciate how everyone at Future Real Estate loves what they do and keeps honesty and transparency at the forefront of how they do business. Even though we work every day it doesn't feel like work when you do what you love!"

What are some of your personal attributes that you feel make you a good REALTOR?
"I have a big heart and sincerely care about my customers/friends which is what drives me to always go above and beyond! I crave knowledge so by keeping up with what's new, I know my customers are well represented. I also excel at creative problem solving and negotiations which is crucial in this industry."

How do you build relationships with your customers?
"I listen, care and establish trust! People are smart and they can see through you if you aren't real and genuine."

Some fun facts about me:
"I have an adventurous spirit and have enjoyed some unique jobs like ski instructing, river guiding, mountain bike mechanic and master bartender. I grew up with both of my parents working on aircraft for the military and I have always wanted to fly, so I finally got a pilot’s license in 2008! I enjoy a good Irish whiskey and an IPA and could probably live happily on pizza everyday if I had to. I was a singer/rhythm guitar player in a band called the Eclectic Bones! The top two people in my life is my amazing wife and business partner Marianne and our beautiful daughter Kyla:)"