Shawna Espiritu

Shawna Espiritu
Associate Broker/ REALTOR
What do you enjoy most about your line of work? “Growing up in a construction family, I have always been fascinated by home building and real estate. I believe each home carries its own unique story. Each owner giving that home a new story. But more importantly, my passion is PEOPLE. Connecting them to a new story is a powerful line of work to be in.”

What is your favorite part about working with Future Real Estate? “Initially, I was intrigued by how Future Real Estate was created and the people behind it. I feel they are creating a new culture of real estate in the Southern New Mexico area that people are excited to be a part of. Future Real Estate truly has the best TEAM of professionals. It feels like family.”

What are some of your personal attributes that you feel make you a good REALTOR? “I am high energy and have an eagerness to help my customers to navigate through this process while also finding joy in it. Being transparent and having a positive attitude helps my customers to keep their eyes on the end result.”

How do you build relationships with your customers? “I believe in the power of connection. When it comes to learning about people, I am the most genuinely curious person I know. I want to know who they are and what they want to accomplish. I think it's crucial to ask important questions and be a good listener.”

Some fun facts about me: “I am an Alamogordo native. I have desert in my bones and sunshine in my heart. I am a wife and mother to two magical humans. I have a collection of rocks, books, and vinyls. I enjoy: -a bowl of cereal as a midnight snack -learning about all things spiritual/metaphysical -pouring my soul onto a piece of paper”